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Covid update - omicron variants

The Covid story does not want to go away. It has been pushed off the front page by other tragic world events...but it still lingers. Omicron variants are starting to spread. Some countries are reporting an uptick in cases and hospitalizations. The virus and its new variants are on the outside and trying to get inside....sounds scary !!! So, what can we rely on going right on the inside that will protect us from the outside.

Everyone has heard of antibodies. They are the proteins that are are formed by your body after a vaccine or a natural infection. If you've been exposed to Covid or been vaccinated (or both) your body has formed antibodies. These proteins bind to sites on the virus so the the virus can't enter your cells. This is a good thing as it prevents infection. Isn't your body amazing??? Antibodies can be measured by blood tests. Therefore tracking is easy to assess your body's readiness against infection. The problem is antibodies fade over time.

I don't like this fading business. Are antibodies the whole story? . Does your body leave you vulnerable after a short while? Of course not...with the millions of viruses you've come in contact with in your would have left this world a long time ago if the above were true. During and after an infection your body forms new white blood cells called "T" and "B" cells. These are "memory cells". They "remember" aspects of the virus and come to the body's defense rapidly should a new infection occur. Probably everyone reading this has been vaccinated or came in contact with polio, measles, whooping cough and many other diseases. Your body has made T and B cells against these diseases. Should you come in contact with these germs your body will react and fight for you. Isn't your body amazing???

Here's the problem: T and B cells can't be measured by a simple blood test like antibodies can, so they get forgotten about. The same it true for the dozen other "helper cells" that support the T and B cells function. Isn't your body amazing???

Your body already has an amazing army of soldiers ready to protect you against all diseases. Plus it has the ability to adapt and form new cell variants (soldiers) depending on what is attacking it. Your body is capable of protecting you. But are you protecting your amazing body??? Are you giving your body what it need to stay strong? Exercise, Good sleep, Good nutrition, Sunlight, Low stress and A PROPER FUNCTIONING NERVE SYSTEM ??

Chiropractic can help you with all these things. Call me if I can help 516-520-1605

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