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  • Dr. Brian Ferris

"Cracking" vs Adjusting

Being a chiropractor, people sometimes ask me to "crack" them.  Or they tell me that they can move their neck or twist their lower back and get the same "crack" that I can get with my adjustments.  This used to annoy me....but with age comes mellowness.  Now I look at it as an opportunity to educate.  

A chiropractic adjustment is a process to move a restriction in a joint in a specific direction. This removes irritation on spinal nerves and allows healing of the soft tissue and discs around the involved joint.  Where and in what direction to adjust is based on analysis, x-rays, thermal scans, palpation, and years of practice.  Can the adjustment sometimes produce a cracking sound? Yes, because there is a release of pressure in the joint!!!

The "crack" that some people get when they twist their spine or "crack" their knuckles has the same release of pressure in those joints.  However, the joint hasn't moved.  Think about it....your knuckles don't move when you "crack" them.  They look the same as before the "crack."  It is the movement that produces the healing.  Adjustments move the bone. "Cracking" doesn't.  Get Adjusted !!!

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