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  • Dr. Brian Ferris

Germ Theory Part 3 Covid

As of the date of this writing we are still in the middle of the Covid pandemic. In fact in the last few days all the news programs have been reporting about "the new variant" that is coming out of South Africa. Scientists who study viruses have known for 100 years that when a virus mutates it changes to a less deadly, less symptomatic form. And this new variant/mutation is no different. In fact if you get past the scary headlines and sound bites that the news is reporting and do some digging, you can find scientists and read reports that say just that. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be careful. Wash hands and practice social distancing when appropriate. But as long as your immune system is healthy it can get you through any variant that Covid can throw at us.. Do something today to strengthen your immune system: take a walk. eat a salad, call a friend, meditate....or come in and get your spine checked. CHIROPRACTIC CARE...STRENGTHENING IMMUNE SYSTEMS FOR 125 YEARS

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