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  • Dr. Brian Ferris

Mother Nature is on the Job

Mother nature may not have started this pandemic but she seems to be ending it. Was the virus man made? Did it come from a "lab leak"? We may never know the truth. Technically we don't need to know....mother nature is on the job. All previous pandemics followed a similar pattern to this current one. The virus mutates toward a weaker more contagious strain as time moves on. Thus we have the weaker, more contagious Omicron variant. Weaker strain means less severe illness and deaths... good news. More contagious means more people will get infected which produces a huge pool of people with natural immunity... also good news. Now the virus has no great population left to infect and it slowly fades into the background. This is how mother nature works and this is what's happening in the world. So again mother nature may not have started the pandemic but she is finding a way to end it.

A wise teacher once told me "If you want to clean up a polluted river, all you have to do is stop polluting it". Mother nature will clean the river if given enough time. She needs no help just no interference (further pollution). Mother nature is intelligent and always on the job.

Your body also has a bit of mother nature inside. Chiropractors call this bit "innate intelligence". This intelligence is always working to heal, detoxify, repair, protect and regenerate you. It's there, even when you sleep, doing the million things necessary to keep your complex body humming like a Maserati. Again it needs no help just no interference. Spinal subluxations interfere with your body's innate intelligence's ability to keep your body well. If you've been feeling like a junk yard reject instead of a Maserati lately maybe it's time for a tune up. Get your subluxations checked. Keep mother nature on the job.

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