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As I write this we find ourselves in the middle of the newest wave of the Covid pandemic...the Omircron variant. This variant seemed to start in South Africa in autumnl and then of course spread around the world. The bad news is that it is very contagious. The good news is that it usually causes mild symptoms. We all probably know several friends/relatives that have come down with this variant recently.

Everyone is more than tired of this pandemic. Everyone wants to see a light in the tunnel. So is there any good news that comes with Omircron? Well I'm glad you asked. Research out of South Africa shows that overall this variant didn't cause a spike in hospitalizations or deaths. So this is a milder variant. The death rate in the US seems to be slightly decreasing despite the increase in Omicron infections. After 8-10 weeks in South Africa the Omircron wave seems to be over. So we should be looking forward to that happening in the US as well.

Here's the really good news. There is speculation in the scientific community that once Omircron has passed so many people will have been exposed and or vaccinated that the pandemic will turn into an endemic. This means that there will be so much immunity in the population to Covid that it could cause Covid to fall away. There may still be pockets of infections but there shouldn't be world wide spreads like we've been seeing. Let's hope the scientists are correct.

Again, your best defense against a serious infection is to keep yourself healthy. Eat well, Move well, think well, sleep well, take Vit D, K2, Zinc, Vit C and keep your body functioning at a high level with chiropractic wellness care. The power that made us, keeps us well. It just works better with no interference. That's Chiropractic !!! Call me if I can help 516-520-1605.

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