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  • Dr. Brian Ferris


Your body is like an orchestra made up of the best musicians playing on the best instruments led by the finest conductor. The conductor is your nervous system which harmoniously coordinates all the players. The players are your body parts and the instruments are the cells in those body parts.

Sometimes during rehearsals the information from the conductor is misinterpreted or doesn't get passed onto the musician. This results in the musicians playing a sour note, in the wrong key or out of sequence. This one musical mistake throws off the harmony necessary for a perfect piece of music. It also throws off the harmony necessary for perfect body function (health).

Chiropractic restores the vital communication between your conductor (nerve system) and your musicians (organs, tissues and cells of your body). Perfect music, perfect function, perfect health.

When was the last time you had your orchestra tuned up....come in for an adjustment. Call me if I can help 516-520-1605

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