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I know most people don't know what telemeres are. Why should you? In fact I didn't know what telemeres were until a few years ago. But telemeres have been getting some buzz in the scientific community lately because of some interesting animal studies.

So lets start with a definition. Telemeres are the protein endcaps on every strand of DNA in every cell in your body. Kind of like the plastic around the end of your shoelaces, telemeres keep the DNA from unraveling. But they do more than that. They serve the purpose of preserving the DNA and extending the lifespan of the DNA. The recent animal research suggests that the longer the telemeres are on the DNA of the animal, the longer the lifespan of the animal. Longer telemeres equals longer life.

There was a chiropractic study published recently. A woman received 36 chiropractic visits for neck and back pain. Her blood was drawn after 36 visits and compared to the blood drawn before care. The blood work showed that her telemeres lengthened. Now I know this is only one case and is considered "clinical research".....not "gold standard" research. But this is pretty exciting and worth further exploration. Plus it proves a point. Chiropractic care changes the physiology of your body even at a cellular level.

Not going to claim that you will live longer with chiropractic care (little too early for that), but your body will function better.

PS. The lady mentioned in the study above also experienced a normalization of heart rate and less nocturnal polyuria (getting up to pee at night)

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