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  • Dr. Brian Ferris

What is Innate Intelligence?

If you've been to my office as a patient you might have heard me use the term "Innate Intelligence". So what is it? Well I'm glad you asked. Simply put, there is an organizational intelligence that runs everything that happens in your body without you having to think about it.

What beats your heart at just the right rate even when you sleep? Innate Intelligence!! What elevates your heart rate when you run for the bus? Innate Intelligence!! What causes you to sweat automatically when its hot out? Innate Intelligence!! What keeps your body temperature, hormonal levels, blood chemistry, oxygen levels, digestive juices, makes new red blood cells and a thousand other things at just the right levels to maintain health and life? The above things (and a million other events happening in your body every second) don't just happen by accident or because some random chemical reactions just happen to work in the right sequence. There's an intelligence at work. Innate Intelligence!!

Its on the job, constantly, every second of your life and doesn't fade as we get older. It works so well at what it does that we take it for granted until something goes wrong. So if we have this incredible intelligence how do things go wrong? How do people get sick? Well one of the main ways is that something interferes with Innate Intelligence's ability to do its job. Smoking is an interference. Eating unhealthy foods is an interference. Not exercising is an interference. And from a chiropractic point of view, spinal subluxations are an interference.

Innate Intelligence uses the nervous system as the communication pathway of the body. It sends its messages to every cell and tissue via impulses along the nerves. If this communication is not interfered with Innate Intelligence can do its stay healthy. A spinal subluxation (spinal joint slightly misaligned) can interfere with those nerve impulses. The result is similar to less bars on your cell phone. The call gets dropped or hard to interpret. Innate Intelligence cant get the message through. Some part of your body then starts to falter, get sick, lose health, weaken.

In my office I check your spine to find those subluxations that are blocking Innate Intelligence. Once corrected things start healing. Innate Intelligence is again communicating. Most new patients come in with a complaint of some type of back pain. As we correct the subluxations that probably caused the back pain it always amazes me as to what other health issues clear up. Innate Intelligence is back on the job and it knows how to heal. It's always working to make you better.

Call if I can help: 516-520-1605.

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